Introducing Multiples

Public comps database, built exclusively for the tech ecosystem


Getting Accurate Public Comps is Suprisingly Hard

Throughout our M&A career, we’ve been constantly frustrated when looking for high quality public comps for the tech industry.

Many new business models and sectors have emerged, and we believe that the big data providers don’t place enough effort on correct segmentation (ecommerce doesn’t equal marketplaces!) or data quality (calendarization and correct estimates).

We Couldn’t Find a Satisfying Solution, So We’ve Built One

Today we're excited to launch Multiples, a public comps platform designed to help investors, companies and their advisors enrich analysis capabilities and help benchmark things more effectively.

With Multiples we strive to bring the highest quality public comps data, deep sector segmentation and smart filtering delivered via an intuitive web-based platform to enable convenient benchmarking across the key metrics that matter.

Data that matters - all relevant valuation and operational metrics
Segmentation that's actually useful and smart financial filtering

We’re in early days of our journey and there are plenty of features to come from our extensive roadmap, but get started and set up your free Multiples account today.

We look forward to your feedback, so if something doesn’t work or you have some suggestions, just email us at [email protected].

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