Valuations & opinions

Valuing technology companies is a well-known industry challenge, going far beyond classic methods.

We pride ourselves on having an unmatched understanding of valuing private tech businesses and leverage industry know-how to provide trusted & confidential valuation, fairness and other transaction opinions (M&A, IPO, capital injection etc.).

By combining financial valuation methods with sector-specific metrics and a thorough review of strategic & exit considerations, we deliver comprehensive results.

Target and portfolio valuation

  • Fairness valuation opinions for M&A, divestitures and other corporate transactions
  • Portfolio companies’ valuation packaged into a high quality fund presentation
  • Complementing traditional techniques with industry KPIs, user-based metrics, company-specific matters etc.
  • Regression-based analysis, operational benchmarking and examining the evolution of historical industry multiples

Deep dives, strategic options review and exit recommendations

  • Through review of company operations (from commercial and financial standpoints)
  • Sector analysis with growth opportunities evaluation and proposed implementation path
  • Analysis of potential buyer groups and key deal rationale outlined with real-life examples
  • Recommendations for company positioning to maximise future exit value

Outstanding credibility and reputation

  • Deep sector knowledge and ability to outline under-the-radar transactions and trading comparables
  • Excellent reputation and strong credibility built through years of experience
  • Trusted by world's most renowned private equity investors
  • Perceived as industry experts and in the centre of a digital ecosystem
  • Skills far beyond classic financial modelling: we provide our clients with sector-specific and independent expertise

Previous transaction experience of the team

Byron Capital Partners
 Valuation and strategic opinion of
 a digital media company
 Advisor to Byron Capital Partners
Elevator x Lemonade
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 of Lemonade
 Advisor to Elevator
SilverLake x FlixBus
 Valuation and strategy opinion of
 FlixBus (growth investment)
 Advisor to SilveLake
Elevator x Selina
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 of Selina
 Advisor to Elevator
Elevator x Percepto
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 of Percepto
 Advisor to Elevator
Elevator x Panorays
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 of Panorays
 Advisor to Elevator
Oakley Capital x Parship
 Valuation and strategy opinion of
 Parship Elite Group ($300m acquisition)
 Advisor to Oakley Capital
Elevator x BiomX
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 of BiomX
 Advisor to Elevator

Elevator x Everthere
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 of Everthere
 Advisor to Elevator
EMK Capital x Luminati
 Valuation and strategy opinion of
 Luminati ($200m acquisition)
 Advisor to EMK Capital
Elevator x
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 Advisor to
Elevator x Moburst
 Portfolio valuation and strategy opinion
 of Moburst
 Advisor to Elevator

Some transactions were completed by the founders of Flow Partners during their time at NOAH Advisors.